The Voice Senior: Henneferin candidate Birgit Rüßmann retired with No no Never

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At age 66, life begins … Or maybe the big music career? Either way, it's the dream of the master Birgit Rüßmann. Friday night (8:15, Sat1) she has her big TV appearance on "The Voice Senior".

"Playing in front of the jury was a big challenge. But it was also a lot of fun. Of course, I was very excited, but it was a great experience and everyone was very nice," said the 66-year-old EXPRESS interview.

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Birgit will know it again

"The big breakthrough didn't come then. I wasn't ready for that yet, and my family always came first. Now I want to start again here," she says about her participation in the molding show.

Birgit was on the brink of a good career 50 years ago. She says: "When I was 16, I performed in the German premiere of the musical hair. I played Chrissy 500 times and was also on stage with Donna Summer and Reiner Schöne." Anyone who knows the music knows: "Chrissy" is not just a women's choir from the latest series, but one of the leading roles!


Record cover from 1968: Birgit (r.) And Donna Summer

Backing songs for Wolfgang Petry

But the family and especially her two daughters Eva and Natascha emerged. Birgit remained true to the music, but away from the limelight. She made money later as a studio and backing singer. Among others for Wolfgang Petry, Andrea Berg and BAP. For example, "Nit for Kooche".

After all, "I got my kids big with the music," says Birgit with pride. And the passion for singing, she apparently has given them: At a celebration of 50 years of "Hair" the last three arose. Clearly her daughters Birgit also accompanied the blind auditions in Berlin.

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The Voice Senior Jury: Alec Völkel, Sasha, Mark Forster, Yvonne Catterfeld, Sascha Vollmer (left)

With land in the next round?

Does she also sing a bit from the music on the TV scene? No, the charming blonde "No no never" from Texas Lightning smashed there. It should at least meet the taste of the country's cowboys Alec Völkel and Sascha Vollmer from The BossHoss.

They sit with Yvonne Catterfeld, Mark Forster and Sascha in the jury of the Ü-60 edition of "The Voice".

But in the end none of them turned around. "Birgit is still full of grenades," Hoss Power said. "We made a mistake," Boss Burns agrees.

But the two have a little surprise for the 66-year-old: "We invite you to the Boss Hoss concert," the musicians promise. Then the performance was worth the end …

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