The villain who would return in Avengers & # 39; Endgame & # 39;

adminDecember 26, 2018

After publishing the first preview of one of the most sought-after films from 2019, Avengers & # 39; Endgame & # 39 ;, it has been speculated that it would happen and also who would return.

After the clock that ended with half of the Marvel universe, the last scene of the Avengers Infinity War, many of us are left with doubts about who can defeat the mad titan. Many film and cartoon fans speculated who could come back in the fourth division of the Avengers.

This time it is said about Thor's sister, Hela (the goddess of death), who passed away after the arrival of Ragnarok in Asgard. Remember that this villain is so powerful that she managed to complete Mjolnir with one hand.

As is known, in Avengers: Endgame, some heroes will come back in battle, so there will be a drastic variation of generations in the group of avengers, and the new theory explains that many of the villains could also return.

Avengers Endgame: Simply expected first official trailer

MelodicBeginning He speculated that Durham Cathedral is closely linked to the Asgardians, so it would be the precise stage for them to meet again. Thanos will ally with his beloved, just like what happens in the comic book?

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