The Villa of Broken Hearts 4: Official Photos, Start Date … Let's go

adminNovember 27, 2018

It's official! The Villa of Broken Hearts 4 Coming back to our small screens on December 17th at TFX.

For this new edition recently shot on the beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic, "the love coach" Lucie will give her precious advice in the love of some iconic figures of reality tv.

Among them, Julien Guirado (Secret History 5), Illan (10 Perfect couple), Jordan (The Ch & # 39; t), Vincent (The Ch & # 39; t), Virgil (Marseillais), Bastien (Koh Lanta), Matthew (Marseillais) gentlemen side and Cloé (Marseillais), Sarah Lopez (Secret History 10), Julia Paredes (Angels), Jelena (Revenge of ex), Jennyfer (The island), Beverly (Square Viiip) and Mélanie Dedigama (Secret History 10) page damsels.

During the adventure, these 14 youngsters are associated with other starlets like Vivian (Secret History 8), Dylan (Koh Lanta), Inès (10 Perfect couple) and of the first star in the story of reality tv in France, Loana.

All shared problems like "I'm afraid to leave"(Elena),"My complexes prevent me from finding love"(Cloé),"I refuse to fall in love""I have a heart of stone"(Melanie) or again"I have unhappy love"(Virgil) and has followed Lucie's valuable advice for now to succeed in his love life.

Small twist this year, when a broken heart will get a black bracelet, he must leave the villa within 24 hours to go in onehut of introspection"in order to be processed with confidence.

The Villa of Broken Hearts 4, it will be from Monday to Friday at 18:35 on TFX from 17th of December!

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