The video "Modo Sicko" by Travis Scott and Drake is finally here and is everything fans could have asked for.

adminOctober 20, 2018

After months of anticipation, Travis Scott and Drake's video for "Modo Sicko" is finally here and it definitely does not disappoint. Just when it seemed that much of the excitement surrounding the song had calmed after its release in August of this year, the video and its futuristic environment have come in to revive the buzz that has kept the song on the playlist of many people during the last months. Like all things, Travis Scott, the new visual for "Sicko Mode" is from another world, at the same time acting as a vivid tribute to the hometown of the Houston, Texas, rapper and his roots in the culture of hip hop.

Literally, there's a lot to take in during the fast-evolving video of "Sicko Mode," which begins with Drake spraying a can of red smoke into the atmosphere of a desolate highway, which is almost difficult to keep up with. After he begins painting the city, Scott joins the Toronto-born rapper, who rides a horse while the couple takes viewers on a visually stunning tour through the city of Texas that has stops in many historic places, including the iconic records and tapes Screwed Up Store, as signaled by Billboard.

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The music video, co-produced by Scott and Dave Meyers, and its cinematic glory had Twitter in a stir at its launch and many considered it a must-see. And his comments on the digitally created video reveal the impact that this video will have on future work of this kind.

1. Worthy movie

Exavier Pope, a media figure, was so impressed by the visual and destroyed his feelings in the video with the look of a "big budget movie".

2. dominated

Another writer, Jozen Cummings, considered the video a "cinematic masterpiece" at its launch on October 18.

3. The best of 2018

This Twitter user thinks that the video is a definitive shoo-in for the video of the year.

4. The best of the century.

Meanwhile, this person was so surprised by the amazing video that they think should be ready for "Video of the Century" at any of the awards shows.

5. WTF just happened?

The video collaboration of Scott and Drake is so "silly" that a Twitter user could only question "WTF".

6. Drake is all of us

Another fan indicated that Drake is practically every fan when "Sicko Mode" plays in the car.

7. too hot

The video is simply too hot for some to handle.

8. There is nothing better

Someone used all capitals just to explain the iconic state of the video.

9. Full attention

One commenter revealed that "Modo Sicko" had "every second" of his attention.

10. Blown mind

This fan is surprised that the video "Modo Sicko" has given them the same emotion they once felt in the iconic UGK and OutKast video of 2007 for "International Players Anthem".

"Sicko Mode," the three-part song that reportedly also features unproven voices by Rae Sremmurd's rapper, Swae Lee, has remained among the top 10 of the Billboard Top 100 for the past 10 weeks and has not shows signs of stopping now that the video has been published. The song is notable for many reasons, including the fact that it played an important role in the Scott album. Astroworld Landing in place number 1 two weeks in a row.

The mention of Scott's girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, and her daughter did not hurt the rapper either. In the last line of the last verse of the song, Scott referred to Kylie's recent achievement of almost becoming the youngest billionaire in history, as determined by Forbesrapping

"Come to my daughter, Imma shows her what she took / Baby mama cover Forbes, I have these other b * tches shaken "

Drake recently made headlines for bringing Travis Scott to success during the Los Angeles stop of his "Aubrey & The Three Amigos" tour. Fans were dumbfounded to see the two act together when Lakers star, Lebron James, joined them for the celebration on stage.

Despite what seemed like a long delay, the artistic show of the "Modo Sicko" video was well worth the wait. That said, there is no doubt that the fans will have it in repetition for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

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