The unexpected step in Jojka ended with a total failure: The crowd broke out, they did not have to do!

adminNovember 28, 2018

And it goes right! While the casting in the theater has gone steadily and traditionally, the fans have become used to for years, the nearest round ahead of the final can not be said in any way. He missed an absolute foundation in it. Speaking directly in front of uncompromising jury members.

They did not come to one place this time, and the finalists were chosen using a video chat online. As shown by the contribution to Instagram, Jaro Slávik was home, Diana Mórová of SND, Marta Jandová was at the time of her father's visit, and Jakub Prachař was with his acquaintances, namely in the granddaughter.

The judges apparently failed to reconcile their work responsibilities, and therefore met together through a conference call on the Internet.

Unexpected step Jojky said

Source: Photo: TV Joy

Diana Mórová, currently in SND, was added to the three.

Unexpected step Jojky said

Source: Photo: TV Joy

Fans have not been able to comment on the above post, since comment on the official site of the Czech Republic Slovakia has talent is not allowed but they are quite violent on TV JOJ's profile. "And what about the semifinal? Where are the performances? The final is already judged by jury members. The boring program was not long ago," one of the disappointed viewers thinks.

Tej gave the truth to dozens of others and did not miss any other negative comments. "I expected to be semifinals like every year, but that's what I did, but what do I do. At least jury members can be normal not just through the computer, " either "Sorry, but I'm sorry. It's my opinion. Without excerpts and with three feedback about what I've seen, I could not take it" the fans are angry.

On the next Saturday, Talent fans can look forward to the big final, which will not be disappointed!

Do you also have semifinals?

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