The Undeniable Equality of Emme with her Mother, Jennifer Lpez (Photo)

adminJanuary 9, 2019

There have been several occasions where the hats and trolls have burdened the child's physical appearance Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Many believe and defend that the twins took out the physical characteristics of the dangers and have very little of the actor, and with such comments suggests that they are not so graceful. Jlo defends them for coat and sword filling their social networks with family photos, ignoring the negative comments.

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Recently a tab account on Instagram a comparison of the Bronx Diva with the little Emme, one of those who has been most attacked by criticism. In the picture, the similarity between both is clear. It should be remembered that the young girl took her first steps in acting and dancing thanks to her participation in the latest video of JLo Unlimited, where he plays a younger version of the star.

The song is part of his latest movie Second Act. The film and the theme that contains such an important message to the artist (there will always be another opportunity no matter how old she is), led her to include her little daughter, who now he had not had any kind of participation, in productions of his famous mother.

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However, a JLO He did not like the idea of ​​including her daughter in the new material when she told him she would be very capable of taking the shots she requires. "God, I … for a long time I told him no, but in the end, before he told him I know, I explained that if he did, I couldn't say suddenly that I was half tired because we had to do it. I can explain how wonderful she was, I was so proud … I even forgot that I was leading my first video, all talked about her, said JLo at the Jimmy Fallon show.

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