"The truth about the matter Harry Quebert" down heavily on TF1 loses more than half a million viewers in a week

adminNovember 29, 2018

Tonight, TF1 sent the third and fourth episode of "The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair". From their side, the viewers from France 2 could follow two new episodes of "Ten percent".

Stéphane Plaza invested M6 and Corsica – for the "Recherche appartement ou maison", while France 3 was asked a question about "roots and wings".

In France 5 were the viewers in "The Big Bookstore", Ahmed Sylla animated his "Access" on the C8, and TMC put on two editions of his "Burger Quiz", presented by Jérôme Commandeur and Gérard Darmon.

TFX rebroadcast "Josephine Guardian Angel", France 4 still proud of James Bond, this time with Goldfinger, and RMC Decouverte proposed his game "Escape, 21 days to disappear".

The truth about the Harry Quebert case
18.9% market share

4.400.000 viewers

Ten percent
12.9% market share

2,950,000 viewers

Roots and wings
11.6% of market share

2,663,000 viewers

Search apartment or house
8.8% of market share

2,088,000 viewers

Burger Quiz
3.8% market share

881 000 viewers

In the courtyard
3.3% of market share

803 000 viewers

Criminal investigations
3.3% of market share

761 000 viewers

3.1% of market share

757 000 viewers

Josephine Guardian Angel
2.8% of market share

660 000 viewers

research Section
2.3% of market share

550 000 viewers

Looking for Christmas Eve
2% of market share

489 000 viewers

First kill
2.1% of market share

487 000 viewers

The big bookstore
1.5% of market share

368 000 viewers

Escape, 21 days to disappear
1.4% market share

357 000 viewers

Laura mysteries
1.2% of market share

286,000 viewers

1.1% of market share

268 000 viewers

Father and Mayor
1.1% of market share

254 000 viewers

Investigations by Inspector Wallander
1% market share

252 000 viewers

1% market share

244,000 viewers

The top market share

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