The tricks used by Kate and Meghan on Christmas Eve to destroy the rumors that they do not understand: "Strike a little too much" PHOTO

adminDecember 27, 2018

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles advised Kate and Meghan to take advantage of the anniversaries to create speculation on the misconceptions, and insisted that the royal family convey a unitary message regardless of personal differences.

And that was what the lady of the royal family did when they shouldered their shoulders to St. Mary Magdalene in Sandringham, where they participated in the service with their husbands, queen and other honorable members of the British royal house.

British experts in non-verbal languages ​​say they have used some common tricks and politicians. The duchess of Cambridge (36) and the Duchess of Sussex (37) walked side by side and spoke and laughed. On the other hand, their husbands, Prince William (36) and Prince Harry (34) were not as gratifying as usual, avoiding much eye contact, as Judi James, an expert pointed out in non-verbal communication.

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"Regardless of the relationship they have for closed doors, it has clearly been a joint effort to create a common front and to show everyone that they are a united family. I rather believe that the principles of William and Harry should give us a thought. me about the corporal language adopted by politicians, the movements of heads of state when they go to shoulder and want to emphasize certain relationships or send a signal of friendship and unity, "explained James quoted by the Daily Mail.

The expert also highlighted some tricks used by Kate and Meghan: "They went in the same rhythm, practically they were in the mirror. Both excited a lot to emphasize that they had a conversation. Usually Kate shows a discreet, classic smile, this time apparently repressed, completely entertained by the situation, conveys the idea that she is shocking with Meghan, Meghan's gesture, tasting Kate on her back, exalting love, but at the same time she can suggest strength and approval, sometimes all seems like an interpretation; . "

In addition, the expert notes that the Duchess Kate becomes much stronger in the royal family as the Queen's age. "She shows a degree of domination by moving away from William in these pictures while she held her husband at hand last year. This year she created a space between her and William so she can get close to Meghan. He took the diplomatic role Here, Meghan hangs a lot on Harry's arm. "

Judy James draws attention to the unusual attitude shown by the two brothers, William and Herry, who have adopted rigid posts, have regular smiles and have avoided contact: "They are always seen laughing and saying jokes, usually very close, very Relaxed, now hold your hands in your pockets and not even see a connection between them. "

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