The traumatic reason why Rupert Grint can't see anyone & # 39; Harry Potter & # 39; -films

adminDecember 28, 2018

After many years without knowing Rupert Grint the actor we met to be a child in "Harry Potter"Give life to Ron Weasley has recently resumed his career. On the occasion of his latest series, The ABC Murders, the actor has interviewed radio Times where he talked about difficult moments he lived in childhood as a result of fame.

"From the moment I got the paper, My life changed completely"Start saying."It was a strange moment, and it has cost me a lot to treat it. The simple fact that it is invisible can still be difficult. Sometimes you just want to go to a barbecue, "he explains.

And is living a phenomenon as great as it was & # 39; Harry Potter & # 39; When you are just a child, it can be a little traumatic: "I'm struggling to remember life before that. I think I was a little lost along the way. With fame you are almost drawn even when you are not in character. "

Therefore, Rupert have known that there are some movies in the saga that cannot be seen today: "I think so the first I can see them. More time has passed. I can distinguish a little more from that child".

Grint reveals that the first films have managed to see them: "I saw Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone a long time ago, for the first time since the premiere, and I really enjoyed looking back". Even if he recognizes it can only go through to the third delivery"But the last thing I definitely can't see, I might see Harry Potter and the Azkaban prisoner himself."

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