The skin continues to go out of style and Coach has become the latest high-end brand that says it will no longer include it in its merchandise.

The brand, known for its exclusive handbags, gloves and bags, says it plans to be free of skins at the time it presents its Fall 2019 collection.

"The decision to go hairless is a truly significant milestone for the brand," said Joshua Schulman, president and CEO of Coach in a statement, noting that the measure was in line with the corporate responsibility markers that Coach established three years ago. .

The brands and designers of Haute have been detached more and more in recent months, after years of criticism about how animals are treated to obtain the material.

Burberry, the high-end British line known for its stylish coats and rain boots, said last month that it would no longer wear real fur. And in March, the famous brand Versace said it was implementing a similar policy, echoing the movements of other designers such as Hugo Boss and Gucci.

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Other fabrics have been attacked. In June, the low-priced clothing chain Forever 21 said it would ban the mohair of its scarves, sweaters and other products by 2020 amid concerns about animal rights. Fast fashion giants H & M and Zara also said they would no longer sell items containing the thread in two years.

The people for the ethical treatment of the animals applauded the coach's decision, but added that he must do more.

"Today's buyers do not want to use the skin of tormented animals," PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman said in a statement, "and PETA expects the trainer to get Angora and Mohair out of their designs."

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