The trailer of & # 39; The Lion King & # 39; nabs second biggest debut ever

adminNovember 25, 2018

The remake, by director Jon Favreau starring Donald Glover and Beyonce, is scheduled to open on July 19, 2019.

After the trailer of the next Lion King The remake made its Thanksgiving debut, Disney is thanking his "pride" for making it his second debut in a most viewed trailer of any studio in 24 hours.

According to Disney Studios, the trailer generated 224.6 million global visits in 24 hours, being in second place in the trailer of Avengers: the war of infinity What attracted 238 million visits.

Disney celebrated the success of the trailer in a shared Instagram post on Saturday.

The remake comes from director Jon Favreau with Donald Glover leading the cast as the young Lion Simba, while Beyonce, who is credited with the surname with her last name, Knowles-Carter, expresses Nala, a childhood friend and later a great interest in Simba.

Glover and Knowles-Carter are also accompanied by James Earl Jones, who takes up his role as the animated film of 1994 as the father of Simba Mufasa, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Uncle Scar of Simba, Alfre Woodard as the mother of Simba Sarabi, with the child actor JD McCrary playing the simba girl. Shahadi Wright Joseph is expressing the young Nala, while John Kani expresses the voice of the baboon Rafiki and John Oliver playing Zazu, the confidant of Mufasa.

Images of The Lion King was mocked for the first time last summer on D23. The movie marks another remake that Disney has scheduled for next year, which already includes Lady in the vagabond for its streaming service Disney + and Tim Burton & # 39; s Dumbo, who bows on March 29, 2019. Previously, Favreau was very successful with his new version of The book of the jungle, which raised $ 966 million worldwide.

The original Lion King raised more than $ 968 million worldwide.

From Favreau Lion King is scheduled to open on July 19, 2019.

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