The Toronto concert of Pusha-T breaks into the fight on stage

adminNovember 21, 2018

Pusha-T's performance tonight at Toronto's Danforth Music Hall was interrupted when attendees seemed to run to the stage. The video of the event (below) shows that a physical altercation is taking place, although Pusha himself does not seem to be touched. Pusha left the stage and finally returned to perform "Infrared", a track that presents subliminal shots in Drake. At one point, Pusha addressed the crowd and claimed that he "paid" people to throw him beer. Pitchfork contacted the representatives of Pusha to make comments.

A spokesperson for the Toronto Police Department confirmed to Pitchfork that they received a call for an ongoing assault at the event with reports that on-site artists were attacked on stage "by several people." Three people were sent to the hospital in connection with the incident with non-fatal injuries. Pusha-T was not specifically mentioned in the Toronto Police statement.

Pusha and Drake's fight slowed down earlier this year after "The Story of Adidon," but the conversation surrounding the calf reopened when Drake turned to Pusha and the song in a conversation on HBO's show. Lebron James. Last month, Pusha claimed that the source of information for "Adidon" was Drake's long-time producer, Noah "40" Shebib.

During the Pusha game in Tyler, the Festival of the creator Camp Flog Gnaw this month, the words "Fuck Drake" appeared on the screen behind him. Pusha later tweeted that he did not approve of that image, blaming a "kind of cheesy technology" that worked for the festival. "Discouraging anyone on the screen is not part of my program," he wrote.

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