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adminJanuary 11, 2019

Steven Knight, one of the creators of "Taboo", confirmed Cosmopolitan that the second season is already prepared and revealed, but it can happen in the third and fourth season.
"Taboo" is an English-language production with BBC quality mark, starring and co-written by Hollywood star Tom Hardy ("Mad Max" or "Revenant") and produced by Ridley Scott ("Alien").

The first season of this series was centered on the book "A Christmas Carol", one of Dickens most famous and famous works.

Tom Hardy in "Taboo"

Hardy wrote the series with his father, Hardy Chips and Steven Knight. In 2010, Tom Hardy went to his father and explained that he had a story in mind. Seven years later, the story changed from the role of television and gave rise to "Taboo".

The story of the series unfolds in 1814. Tom Hardy brings to life James Keziah Delaney, a man who returns to London after raising the ends of the earth and being given death. The one returning is very different from the one who left, has in his pocket 14 stolen diamonds and seeks revenge for his father's death.

Finally, there is still no release date for the second season of "Taboo", but is still expected to occur in 2019.

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