The theory of a fan about Loki that was confirmed by Marvel

adminDecember 30, 2018

Loki is a rarity in stories of superheroes, since It's not good or bad, or at least it is very difficult to classify. Is it the god of deception? He grew up and disliked his brother Thor, the true heir to Asgard, what marked its destiny.

The character played by Tom Hiddleston arouses many sympathies within the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM), self, is more popular than more of heroes protector of the earth. Maybe that's what motivated a group of fans Look for a theory that left Loki well standing.

The theory was raised by users of redditwho suggested it Loki attacked the earth against his will, affected by stone of mind Who was in the spectrum that Thanos gave to Brother's brother.

Up to now, it may be one of the theories created by UCM's followers, but this time it was confirmed by Marvel.

"Upon arriving at the sanctuary through a wormhole caused by Bifrost, Loki met the other, the ruler of an old immigrant's race, Chitauri, as well as Thanos"Said the Marvel publication." This offered him the god of evil reigns over his brother's favorite kingdom, Earth, in exchange for Teserakt. A scepter was given as a gift who could control the minds of others. With this, Loki could influence others. Without knowing it, The scepter also influenced him and worsened his hatred against his brother Thor and the inhabitants of the earth. "

Now. ask us if this will change the future of the locomotive, as probably because he never knows with him, he died in the hands of Thanos in the beginning and Infinty War. The villain can be transformed into an Avenger, in a classic movement to make some villains into allies and companions.

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