The Thanksgiving photo of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas could mean that the wedding bells will soon ring

adminNovember 22, 2018

Do you feel like your Thanksgiving is missing something? Could it be the most swoonworthy photo of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas to date? Because if so, stay tuned, because that is coming. On Thursday, November 22, Chopra shared a photo of herself snuggling with Jonas on Instagram. The romantic image is subtitled, "Welcome home, baby …" next to a heart-shaped emoji. Interestingly, it is also labeled Delhi, India, which suggests that they are spending holidays with the Chopra family. Or, they could be preparing for another special event.

As the couple's fans know, Chopra and Jonas announced their commitment in July 2018. Since then, the planning of their next nuptials has been underway. They had an engagement party in the summer, and in the last few weeks, they had their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. In mid-November, it was rumored by The explosion who applied for their marriage license in Beverley Hills (they reportedly also plan to file one in India, if they have not already done so).

A recent report of Harper's Bazaar suggests that the wedding could happen as early as December 2. However, at this point, nothing has been confirmed, and Nick seems to be the only one of his brothers who is spending Thanksgiving in India. (Joe Jonas and his girlfriend, Sophie Turner, are currently on a ski trip, according to their respective Instagram Stories).

Whether or not the last photo of Chopra is a sign that the couple will be saying their "I two" this weekend, is a beautiful and sincere look to the duo. It is clear that Chopra is close to her family, so it is very good to know that she and Jonas will spend Thanksgiving together in India. From the legend to the looks on their faces, it seems safe to say that the home for these two is wherever the other person is.

On Wednesday, Jonas shared that he was leaving New York on Instagram, and now it seems clear that he was heading to Delhi to join Chopra. So far, the happy couple has not shared any other photo of the meeting, but it is totally fine, because the one they did share is quite perfect.

The romance of Chopra and Jonas has been a little whirlwind. They announced their commitment after only two months of appointments, but they knew each other before. Even if your transition from getting out to compromised seems to be quick from the outside, these two seem to be happy together, and nothing matters more than that.

If your wedding takes place this weekend, it will surely be a beautiful event full of family, friends and lots of love. And if they simply chose to spend the holidays in India with the Chopra family, that is just as wonderful. Your photo makes it clear that no matter what you are doing, you are simply excited to do it together. That's what makes them such a wonderful couple: they always feel happier when they are together and celebrate their love. And let's face it, a new photo of Chopra and Jonas is a welcome gift of Thanksgiving, with or without wedding bells.

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