The tears of Jean Reno, who speak for the first time

adminNovember 27, 2018

The documentary film sent this Monday on November 26th on the C8 back in pictures and testimonials on the day of the holiday, which collected 16 million people on 9 December.

In the evening for the first anniversary of the death Johnny HallydayTV channels begin to broadcast documentary films and youth idol reports. This Monday 26 November the French Channel C8 devoted his first part of the evening to the popular shelf that was returned to the singer on December 9 by sending "Johnny, a year already: a special day". A documentary who wanted to mark the feelings experienced by the relatives of the "Light the Fire", but also millions of fans moved, whether they were on the spot, in Paris or in front of their mail. television. As a reminder, 800,000 Belgians had massaged in front of their small screen to follow this special day.

"We had to say goodbye to him. That's it … It's going to be a year there. Facts about seeing Laeticia in this state … The fact of seeing him lying … He had such a fragile hand. A few days before I was there with him. I told him "I'm looking forward to Christmas". I could not believe it."These are the words to Jean Reno from the beginning of this documentary. A sacred word since the actor, the godfather of the little Jade, speaks for the first time on the screen of Johnny Hallyday and the homage that was made to him.

In the entire documentary of C8, his word is different from others. During the interview, he appears to remember this day on December 9 as if he were still there. He explains: "I started crying in the convoy. The convoy stopped and there were people at 5, 6 meters. It was amazing. It puts me back, but it was unheard of. There was a guy who wanted to talk to me and he was crying. And I cried. And what do we have in common? Johnny Hallyday".

The beautiful part was made to the many fans who came to greet Johnny one last time at the Champs-Elysées to Madeleine's church, where celebrated the mass. During the documentary, faces from hundreds of thousands of people were gathered in cold, illuminated on screen. What has marked Philippe Labro is also "wisdom and kindness of all. They came to Mass, except that there are a lot of 3 million people"A similar impression for Jean-Claude Camus, former producer of Johnny, who talks about"respect in pure state. These people were extremely respectful".

The music was also in the heart of the ceremony. One of the highlights was the moment when Johnny Hallyda's musicians played some notes of "All The Music I Love" in Madeleine's Church. We learn in the documentary that normally an alleluia would be sung at that time. "[Les fans] began to clap their hands, which are usually not done in a church"Vitser Philippe Labro and Pierre Billon, producer, conclude:"This is the best tribute his fans could make him do".

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