The tattoo cover-ups of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson coincide accidentally

adminNovember 25, 2018

It seems that even the cover-ups of tattoos last longer than diamonds, for the singer Ariana Grande and her ex-fianc√©, Pete Davidson. Even though the couple has been constantly covering the tattoos that they made to each other throughout their short life, their most recent attempts to erase themselves from their lives seem similar … a little as well Similar if we are being honest here.

Fans around the world quickly noticed both the cover-ups and their obvious similarities. In June, Pete received a tribute to his girlfriend then with a tattoo of her. Dangerous woman Album cover on his neck. The cute little bunny mask that Ari has worn in the past is now a tattoo of a deep black heart, without a doubt, Pete's way of eliminating the meaning of a quite significant decision.

ariana grande pete davidson covering matching tattoos
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Ari took similar measures to eliminate the meaning of a rather significant decision: you may remember the most obvious tattoo centered on Pete that Ari received, when his name was engraved on his left ring finger. That tattoo has become, you guessed it, a black heart where the name of her former boyfriend used to be. Immediately after their separation, Ari covered the original tattoo of Pete's name with a Band-Aid for his first performance after the division on NBC. A very evil Halloween Musical special.

The new cover up tat is in full screen in a recent preview of the new highly anticipated video of Ariana for her song "Thank you, next". On the video screen, we can see Ari holding a Bad Girls-small & Burn Book & # 39 ;, and the effect of its cover-up with the iconic images is not lost on us.

Considering that "thanks, the next" has to do with Ariana's struggles with her past relationships, we would not be surprised to see Pete's many allusions when the video finally falls. But if these cover-ups are something to go through, maybe Ari and Pete are Really trying to keep going. Just let them write some breakthrough clues and cover some tattoos to make them good.

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