The Swedish Academy – As if they were a kind of highest K-culture

adminJanuary 8, 2019

  • The Swedish Academy is becoming increasingly involved in contradictions.
  • Poet Katarina Frostenson will only leave the board if the Academy pays her financial compensation. And quotes from the regular secretariat's correspondence reveal how little the academy obviously knows about its own crisis.
  • The impression is reinforced so that members understand themselves as a natural elite, who must not present civil or legal acts.

The more the Swedish Academy tries to consolidate itself after the scandal of spring spring and, as said, regain lost "confidence", the deeper it seems to be involved in their own contradictions. If it had finally been possible to appoint three new members and thus become a quorum, the current currently consists of twelve active members and three "apostates" participating in important voices – the basis of the elections will now be a problem: since Monday it is known the degree to which academic recent decisions represent only forced compromise against the remaining members' real interests.

Only nine active members had the academy this fall. Actually she counts 18 members. For large decisions, it needs a two-thirds quorum. For the election, they needed nine support for the idols. This was given to them, provided that the poet Katarina Frostenson leaves the panel. Frostenson is the wife of cultural officer Jean-Claude Arnault, who is accused of sexually violent more women around the academy and is sentenced to two and a half years in prison for rape. The poet is accused of violating the Academy's statutes by telling the man his name for future Nobel laureates, after which he passed by with his knowledge. Katarina Frostenson had always refused to have inside of the academy to the outside – but that means another member of the academy must have betrayed the names. The fact that Jean-Claude Arnault spoke was confirmed by several witnesses.

Literature Institutional injuries

Institutional injuries

Complaints procedure in case raped Jean-Claude Arnault is closed. And his wife refuses to leave the academy.By Thomas Steinfeld

Katarina Frostenson now informed her lawyer that she was willing to leave the institution if the Academy paid her financial compensation. According to the communication, at the beginning of October, she was offered not only a kind of pension of around € 1,300 per month, for life, but also the right to keep the apartment for a small rent. This belongs to the academy. The offer seems to be Katarina Frostenson and her lawyer as too low – although the academy apparently has no remuneration to its members (with the exception of the permanent secretary).

But more interesting than this demand is the quotes from the correspondence of the acting permanent secretary, which the lawyer suggests in his letter: they reveal that there is still no insight into the causes of the crisis in the Academy.

The literature crisis, public

Crisis, public

Shortly before Christmas, the Scandinavian Academy meets traditionally in front of an audience. This time you experienced a disaster.By Thomas Steinfeld

Thus, an email is quoted where it is Katarina Frostenson's recall request: "First," it says, could only be won the "distance support". In addition, "our relationship with the court and the Nobel Fund can be normalized" (the Nobel Fund has money that the Academy spends at the Nobel Prize). At the same time, State Secretary Katarina Frostenson said he was "forced" to insist on his resignation: He knew that in a text message he had been "treated very unfairly in winter and spring". The impression that the Academy has turned into a kind of supreme cast, whose members see themselves as a natural elite, who must not submit to civil or judicial rules, is becoming ever stronger. In this sense, Katarina Frostenson's lawyer explained that his client must be able to live on something in the future.

Similarly, other members of the Academy are currently performing. Literary critic Horace Engdahl said on the occasion of his 70th birthday at the end of December he wanted to be allowed to stay as he was, as if he had not contributed significantly to the academies' deaths through protectionism, respect for law and serious misinformation. Meanwhile, the Swedish public is confused about the importance of clothing, such as Sara Danius, permanently responsible until April and since then a "renegade", was wearing the Nobel Prizes in December. It was so big and colorful that it looked far beyond the clothes of some other ladies present, including the Queen and the Crown Princess. However, you will not only be accused of lack of insight into your own situation.

Literature When world world counts more than world literature

If worldliness counts more than world literature

With laureates like Elfriede Jelinek or Bob Dylan, the Swedish Academy seemed to go for itself. Who will save the Nobel Prize for literature, must restore this body.By Thomas Steinfeld

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