The summary of the premiere of Flash: Season 5, Episode 1

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The last time we checked in with the Flash Team, they had just defeated the Thinker and were enjoying the birth of Joe and Cecile's daughter when the mysterious girl of Jessica Parker Kennedy interrupted the festivities with a bomb: she is actually the future daughter of Barry and Iris, Nora West-Allen. And she made a big, big mistake. If you saw the entire season uneven, then you probably saw that turn coming. Still, it opens an exciting world of possibilities for the show and presents a new challenge for the team, especially for Barry and Iris. Sure, we only have one episode in season 5, but according to the premiere, it seems that this season can fulfill that promise. "Nora" is a fun and strong season opener who feels driven by the palpable joy and effervescence of Kennedy's performance, and it left me excited to see where the season is going.

"Nora" continues exactly where we left off in the final. Almost everyone in Joe's house is left speechless after Nora's revelation, except for Cisco, which reduces the strain with his need for alcohol, and Ralph, who is now realizing that traveling in time is one thing. (Ralph discovering the existence of time travel and the multiverse in this episode brought me great joy.) Nora moves around the room with an air familiarity because she knows everyone present in the future and does not waste time revealing the big mistake he committed: by helping Barry save the day in the final, he messed with the timeline (as a father, as a daughter) and can not return to the future. Therefore, she needs the help of Team Flash.

Even in his first scenes, Kennedy, who is a regular series this season, feels like a great addition to the show. It infuses almost all of Nora's lines with a sense of infectious wonder, and it's hard not to be a geek with Nora, who is amazed by just about everything. Sure, Nora has read about all the prowess of Team Flash, but now she's here and experiences it first-hand, like the tachyon enhancer Barry used to know about Supergirl for the first time. And in her enthusiasm, she also lets out some details about the future: there is a museum in Flash, King Shark and Grodd eventually fight, and she meets Lighting Lad.

Having Nora here presents an interesting quagmire for her parents. Barry is determined to send her back to the future because he is (hypocritically) concerned about the damage his presence causes in the timeline, especially after a goal called kinetic absorber. Gridlock He manages to escape because Nora distracted him while he was in battle. Iris, on the other hand, is very anxious to meet her daughter. Unfortunately, Nora does not feel the same way, for reasons we will learn soon.

The team tries to use Thawne's tachyon enhancer to increase Nora's speed so he can go home, but that fails because, as the Legends discovered when they tested his blood off the screen, he has negative tachyons running through his body. These negative tachyons are preventing you from entering the Force of speed (Do not you hate when that happens?). Nora is trapped here until Team Flash can find a way to balance the negative taquiones with the positive ones, or, more precisely, until Nora stops flooding her body with negative tachyons. This should not be a complete surprise, but Nora lied.

Barry realizes that Nora is not being totally honest with them and confronts her with her suspicions, leading to another bomb of the future: although Nora has spent her entire life with Iris, this is the first time she has met Barry, who has been missing for 25 years after disappearing in the headline-creating crisis of 2024 when she was a baby. All this hits Barry like a brick because he had just shared with Iris his concern that he was going to miss all Nora's scoops and now it turns out that he did.

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