The story of the youth who "stole" the attention of the Golden Globes 2019 and witnessed the fame overnight PHOTO

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Kelleth Cuthbert, the young woman who promoted a mineral water mark on the red carpet at the Los Angeles Golden Globe Gala 2019 and who was able to catch all the attention, is a Canadian model and currently lives in the United States.

The young woman is married to photographer Christopher Von Steinbach, whom she met in 2010 on a photography, and is licensed in sociology and social work, according to the Daily Mail.

Christopher Von Steinbach is a photographer specializing in portraits and nude or semi-nude photographs, and his pictures were also featured in the Playboy magazine.

Cuthbert is married to fashion photographer Christopher Von Steinbach (together). The couple met in a photography in 2010 and married in 2011 six months after moving to Toronto to be with her despite meeting her only twice

Kelleth Cuthberg, dressed in a blue evening dress, appeared in a bunch of celebrity photographs on the red carpet, holding gracefully a tray of mineral water bottles.

The model, who lived in Toronto, moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and previously promoted intimate underwear products for a fashion brand, vitamins, and face masks on Instagram.

In an interview with Toronto Verve, the young woman confirmed that she was working as a social worker, who helped her in her modeling career, because she could relate more easily to people.

"I worked with people with mental health problems, and I was a social worker, who helped me in my modeling career. I think he has made me a better listener," the young man confessed.

The model also talked about glory at the Golden Globes 2019, which took place on Sunday night in Los Angeles, and confessed that "it was the strangest day of her life."

"It's useless to say that it was the strangest day of my life," was the young man's message.

Also in an interview for the LA Times, the model admitted that she had prepared a strategy to look good in celebrity pictures.

"It was a strategy. You have to find the right angle," said the young lady.

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