The story of the man who married a hologram. "We really love"

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Man married to a hologram<! – Man married to a hologram ->

Akihiko Kondo, a 35-year-old man living in the Tokyo suburb, was controversial after marrying a doll modeled on the famous Hatsune Miko hologram.

Some have responded positively, while others have criticized the man's 35 year old decision. However, Kondo argues that it's important for people to realize "what's good for them."

"Society forces you to adopt a certain love formula, but it can't make you happy. I wish people could figure out what's good for them", the 35-year-old man told CNN.

His doll with blue hair – Miku – is modeled on a hologram and anime character. Kondo fell in love with her ten years ago when she heard her sing. He now has a unit like a glass bell where Miku lives.

Created in 207 by a Japanese startup, the device allows "anime" fans to "live" with their favorite characters. The device is equipped with basic artificial intelligence, it is able to offer greetings, closing and lighting, but it does not have its own wishes or "personality".

"It makes my life more colorful. When I talk to her, I use different facial expressions and feel something."Said Kondo, who united her destiny with the hologram in front of 39 people.

When asked about her in marriage, Miku replied that he wanted him to appreciate her.


"I knew she was planning to say it, but I was very happy. Miku helped me when I needed it, kept me in the company, and made me feel like I once again had control of my life. we both love ourselves. "

Miku's appearance in the man's life had a therapeutic effect when he had a depression time after he was afflicted by an elderly woman.

"People who have experienced difficult sexual experiences have difficulty finding a human partner. People are asking why others are willing to have sex with robots or have holograms, because they are passive relationships. But having a safe and predictable partner is useful with a therapeutic role"Explained Neil Mc Arthur, Director of the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics.

However, the idea of ​​creating an ideal partner is not a new one. In the 8th century BC wrote Roman poet Ovidiu about the artist Pygmalion who carved the ideal woman Galatea in marble. He fell in love with his creation and, when he saw, Aphrodite – the goddess of love, brought her to life.

Experts say that people like Akihiko Kondo are part of the second wave of "digestive tract" – people who see technology as an integral part of their sexual identity. Those using dating applications are in the first wave to meet half, but those in the second wave do not perceive people as crucial to a romantic experience.

"I'm worried that impact technology is on social life. We already see interest in internet and social networking. People retireSo no mc arrthur.

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Man married to a hologram<! – Man married to a hologram ->

Seymour Hersh, the winner of the Pulitzer Prize

Man married to a hologram<! – Man married to a hologram ->

Seymour Hersh, the winner of the Pulitzer Prize

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