The story of one of the most listened New Years: Abba, Happy New Year

adminDecember 31, 2018

(Happy New Year / Perhaps we all have a dream from time to time / about a world where every neighbor is your friend …)

The song "Happy New Year" by ABBA is probably the most listened to on New Year's Eve after the classic "Happy Birthday With Health!". Although it is now a mega hit, the road to the top of the maps was not easy at all. Launched in 1980, the song has been waiting for nearly two decades to become known worldwide.

"Daddy, not fucking on Christmas Day"

The idea of ​​the song came to the two composers of the band, Benny Andersson and Bjørn Ulvaeus. But their plans were not to launch a single that is still playing today with a whole new year, but just a tune to be part of a musical: boys from ABBA They were going to work with the famous humorist John Cleese, the founder of the infamous comic book group Monty Python.

Then they met in January 1980 and talked about a musical. The composition had the title of the work "Dad won't be full on Christmas Day" ("Daddy, don't fuck Christmas Eve") which was quite tempting for John Cleese! But the plans were not materialized, so ABBA recorded the song in its current form in February, writes

Successful success

The song "Happy New Year" with the blonde voice Agnetha Fältskog in the foreground, was included in the album "Super Trouper" And for a long time almost fans have been overlooked. Initially, the song lay like a single in 1980 only in Argentina, where it reached the top 5 (Spanish version, "Felicidad & # 39;).

Although in November 1980, before the release of the album "Super Trouper", an advertising video was shot, shot in the director's apartment Lasse Hallström!

Then, even if Swedish television broadcasts the song every new year, the hit "Happy New Year" has been waiting for nearly two decades to be released on the single in 1999. The success was great. In a record time, the track has reached the maps all over the world and from there to the hearts of fans everywhere.

"Happy New Year" is a song of fear for the future, Fear that it might get worse, and what we want is to encourage us to face up to what follows, says composer Benny Andersson in an interview.

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