The story of a young man with face transplant after a suicide attempt

adminNovember 30, 2018

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Underwood talks at a press conference

"I have a nose and a mouth and I prepare my ability to smile, talk and eat."

With these words, Cameron Underwood reported that he had undergone face-to-face deformity as a result of a suicide attempt to shoot.

"I have fewer views and queries" by passers-by and outsiders.

Underwood, 26, spoke of his experience at a press conference in New York two years after he shot in an attempt to commit suicide.

Then the young man lost his nose and most of his lower jaw and left only a tooth in his mouth.

Andwood feels grateful for a new way of farming, saying that it gives him a new chance of life.

"I have prepared to do many things I love, like getting out, exercising and spending time with friends and family, and I hope to return to work soon," he said.

The 25-hour operation, lasting 25 hours, was attended by 100 people working in the health sector and was announced this week.

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NYU Langone Health

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Andwood's face before and after surgery

Underwood was completed 18 months after his suicide attempt.

Forty similar operations have been conducted worldwide since the first operation in 2005.

The process was monitored by Eduardo Rodriguez, who said that Underwood's insistence on healing contributed to the success of the process and to the development of medicine.

"Finally, the subject is in the patient's hands," he says.

This was the third operation of Rodriguez, which states that the short time between Underwood's exposure to infection and the procedure has contributed to success and the psychological disorder for a long time.

The physician reconstructed the underwood's upper and lower chain during surgery, replacing ceilings and floors in the mouth and nose and reconstructing the tongue.

The medical center where the operation was conducted said it was the most technologically advanced, for the first time using the tri-beam printer to build a mask for the donor's face.

Underwood got the face of a 23 year old boy named Will Fashcher, who was a talented writer and movie director before his death.

"My son's death was a tragedy and I'm glad I've done his will that gave a new life to someone else and it gave me the strength to meet the challenges of my difficult situation," said Sally, the giver's mother. My son contributed to it. "

"I want to know Sally and the family how much we are grateful to them and I will work to remind the memory of what I've lived," he said.

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Wills mother expressed joy that her son had given Cameron a second chance

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