The speech from "Mayoralty" Gianina from Las Fierbinti: "The Romans, Do Like Me, Stay For Nothing"

adminDecember 31, 2018

Geanina, Las Hot<! – Geanina, Las Hot ->

Gianina, the character played by actor Anca Dumitra in the series Las Fierbinti, was for a few minutes the mayor of the special Christmas episode.

Following this policy model, from this new position, Geanina gave a speech where she wanted to spark her cousin's jealousy, to work abroad, as "living in luxury".

In fact, her speech is full of irony about the political class in Romania:

"Dear hot-Romanian people, as it is what I see now, like what I see in this tri-colored banner that I have here on my chest, and which I really am sorry for, does not fit the rest of my clothes, I want to and with suggesting to be black, because the black goes to something and keeps on the terfeleal, I looked like the mayor who is, despite all those who didn't believe me and who said they were bad and from the cow's tail, I will tell you that for Christmas I will not go anywhere to the fun, as others do, others who know who they are, others who have hit hard here and ran away like other countries in heat.

And if I don't go for fun, it doesn't mean I'm going to work, but on the contrary it doesn't seem normal for someone who left Romania, which we really shouldn't let go of, because if they left, it means having left more work for us as we have left.

But what are we? Should their servants work in their place? Yes, what are they doing for us? No! I don't hear you when you come from Spain, or I know where you come from, you don't have highways. Do you want highways? Come to them! Do you want a hospital? Come to them! What are we, your servants? Do we work for you? Isn't it Christmas for us? Are you fun to work with? No! This Christmas, New Year and Centuries, and the coming year, dear Romans, like me, are in vain. Yes, for nothing!

Like those who have gone home, and just then we will reunite our families: A child with my mother, a brother with a sister and a cousin with a cousin, to also cow, make highways and subways, that they Need them, no, we are used to and without. Only then will we be strong and united if we stand for nothing! I love you and I love you! "

In the same episode, Bobi has an exceptional monologue that becomes a virus on the internet.

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Geanina, Las Hot<! – Geanina, Las Hot ->

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