The Spectacular Ozuna Car Accident (Photos)

adminJanuary 11, 2019

One sustazo was the one who took Özün January 5, when he crashed his Porsche 911 GT2 car against the facade of a house in Puerto Rico, according to what was reported by various media. And even though reggetonero left unharmed by the spectacular accident, his car had serious injuries, especially in one of the rear tires.

From the program El Gordo and La Flaca they scattered pictures of the damage in the car singer. In the description of the post on Instagram, we read that unofficially it was known that the car affected a woman who was taken to a health center to treat her injuries. The team with the singer's work was presented to the place. (These) reached an agreement without intervening in the police. We communicate with your publisher, Özün I did not suffer injuries, "they assured.

But from El Nuevo Da, they communicated with the police, reporting that they had not received a complaint of an accident involving the artist whose real name is Carlos Ozuna Rosado. The portal also said it had contacted the interpreter's publicist, Carlos Bermdez, who again said he had no knowledge of that fact, but said that Ozuna has good health.

During Christmas, the Colombian artist made the news by surprise his mother with a spectacular gift at parties. Through his Instagram account, Taki Taki revealed to his millions of supporters the house he gave to his ancestor.

In the social network I shared a clip showing the gift Santa Clauss brought to the woman in his life, which he refers to his mother. I love you Thank you for giving me life and never having a no for me. You are the greatest thing for my heart, I love you, I love you. Gzatela. I can sleep anywhere, but I don't, I wrote reggaeton next to the video where he made it clear that no gift is enough when it comes to his mother.

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