The son of Juan Gabriel caused a touch of photographs with his father

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Juan Gabriel He became the protagonist of a strong controversy that has spread throughout Latin America, which many claimed the artist was alive and well. I would soon return to public life.

Although details, dates and times were set for the interpreter's return, the questions began to mock through the hours in different ways that they asked where was Juan Gabriel and if his return was true public.

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But in the absence of Juan Gabriel, The social networks were upset and tried to understand what was happening, and what was the truth about the Mexican star's supposed return.

But before the strong wave of questions and opinions, a new detail generated doubts and concerns among the artist's fans, like his son Luis Aguilera He shared a series of pictures that caused all kinds of speculation about life Juan Gabriel

In the position made by the young man You can see the "divo de Juarez" lying on a bed with her son, who seems to talk to him while he has a guitar hanging on his torso. In the pictures you can see the singer wearing a hat and a purple shirt.


A publication shared by Luis Aguilera (@luisxaguilera) on January 7, 2019 at 10:20 PST

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Although it has not been decided whether the photographs are current or retouched, everything means which is authentic material and son of the Mexican singer.

But a detail that got the attention of the faithful followers Juan Gabriel, where his son wrote in the caption: "LXIX", Roman numbers meaning 69, how old an interpreter would be if he still lived.

For many Internet users, these images are only part of private content that had not been published and that served to remind the singer.

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