The sister of Nightingale Brown reveals a secret in her personality

adminNovember 30, 2018

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The sister of the night-gunner, Abdul Halim Hafez, revealed the secret to his uncle's identity.

Zaynab said in an interview with al-Masry al-Youm: "He was already free, he was very jealous and refused to leave his family without men. When we went out with him he was very busy with us and His eyes on everyone in us., For fear of us, and we have only seen one party, the "reading cup" at the eye club. "

She added: "I remember sitting in the second row almost me and my mother and Aunt Ferdos and Amani Bint Shehata and Ibtisam, and his appearance did not leave us on stage until the end of the show and rushed to us asking someone to deliver us to the house and reassure us and the repetitions that were in our house here we did not participate in most of them and agreed that they would be able to see the last line away from the audience and it was honest it was A great print, we loved it for our safety that he was afraid and chased us from the air. .

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