The silage supply would not break up

adminDecember 30, 2018

The separation from former descendants Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer was a shock to fans and acquaintances. After ten years, they ended the relationship just before Christmas. At that time, it was said that they have been separated for a long time, and it sounded as if both had terminated the relationship in agreement.

Now "Bunte" wants to know that this was not the case. Because Silbereis did not want to separate from Fischer. Friends of the 37-year-old report that he was "very sad" for several weeks. He should also have made this clear in a very personal post.

Nevertheless, he played publicly his role as understanding, perfect. "A break is always sad, we were very sad too, and while we were wondering about an upcoming wedding in the last few weeks, we were long divorced," he wrote on Facebook. Although Fischer already has a new one, he protected and wanted both of them best. On top of that, he also knows his successor, Thomas Seitel, very well. After all, he is part of Fischer's tour team.

Separation in October, but holidays with something new in September

As "Bunte" writes, both are said to have shared in October. Interesting: Helene Fischer was photographed in September on holiday at Attersee together with Seitel.

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