The shocking image of Jason Momoa as the Guardian of the Galaxy

adminJanuary 8, 2019

You've seen that impressive one Khal Drogo and spectacular as Aquaman, but over Jason Momoa It could have been very different if it hadn't been rejected Marvel to participate in the "Galaxy Guardians".

The actor confessed it the paper created uncertainty to be characterized (at least in the first film) by having little dialogue and always being shirtless, so Momoa ended up deciding Follow another direction.

now, Charlie Wen, head of visual development at Marvel, we can look at what would the character be like if the actor had given him life.

Visibly majestic and with a different color to the one who finally shines Dave Bautista, the picture is accompanied by a text where Wen says it Momo's audition was great, although everyone agrees that Bautista was the perfect choice.

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