The sequel to A Quiet Place will greatly expand the world

adminDecember 30, 2018

Makes some noise.

A quiet place was one of the great successes of 2018.

Critics were impressed, as the audience who turned out to be in a $ 340 million worldwide ticket office, took for John Krasinski-directed, Emily Blunt-fronted horror.

It even took the coveted second place on our list of best movies of the year, which needed to lose out to hereditary, so a decent year for scary flips around, really.

Of course, talk about a sequel followed quickly and one is actually scheduled for release in May 2020.

Although Blunt is rumored to reproduce his role, Krasinski said in a November interview that follow-up would not represent a direct sequel, but rather focus on world-building.

And now, a whole new interview with both Blunt and Krasinski – currently writing the next movie – with Deadline has created additional light on that premise, with A Quiet Place 2 very much to look to expand in terms of atmosphere and mythology .

Right outside the bat, he confirmed that his character does not return (duh) – "Unless I do the Hamlet thing, just a kind of float around" – so don't expect him in front of the camera, anyway.

More revealing is that he would not make a sequel at all.

"It was never built to start the sequel, as we all knew, and the studio also knew," Krasinski said.

"But, too, I'm a realist. I know that when you have a success like this, everyone wants to make another. I told them to find another filmmaker and writer, and they said," But don't you have one idea? & # 39;

"I said," Yes, I have a little idea, "they said," OK, while talking to other people, keep thinking about it. "They basically talked me about writing it."

Krasinski continues to explain his "fairly simple" idea for the new story, and the warning that it is not yet full, one that will open up the broader world as a whole.

"The thought that happened to me, which really excited me about it, was that most followers are about returning a hero or a villain," he said.

"You take this character that people once loved, and you take them back, and you have to create a new world around them. We have exactly the opposite set-up. We have the world and you can release the person you want in that world and everyone feels connected to it.

"The reason I decided to go back in the end was that the world was so rich and it is so fun to explore. There are so many different things to see now.

"Everyone else in the world is experiencing this, so I'm curious to see how it looks from a different perspective."

Sounds like a real The Last of Us & # 39; situation for us, and given that we have not yet received an official adaptation of the PlayStation classic, this is enough to date.

You can read the whole interview where both Krasinski and Blunt go deep in a quiet place here.

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