The sequel to & # 39; The Return of Mary Poppins & # 39; is in progress – Movie news

adminJanuary 10, 2019

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The sequel to The Return of Mary Poppins is underway. The film's director, Rob Marshall, has confirmed that the project is in its first phase, but that everything indicates that it will end up being a reality. According to his words, It can even become a fairytale story Star Wars or James Bond:

I want to say that there are eight books (about Poppins), so there is a lot of material available. This is what we work from, the eight amazing books from P.L. Traves. So, you know (…) If it's a great sign and story to tell, why not?

Marshall is not alone in this idea. Producer John DeLuca has also admitted that the successor is an opportunity and has pointed it out Lead actor in the movie, Emily BluntI would be more than willing to incarnate Disney's best-known nanny:

Emily's face shines every time she talks about it (…) If people want it, I think it's going to happen

Despite the fact that no great figures have been achieved in the Spanish box office, it has internationally eaten around $ 260 million as in the case of Venom, it is enough to think of new supplies. Fortunately for fans of the most "virtually perfect" character in Mickey Mouse's studio, we must not wait 54 years between film and film, as it happened to us since the 1964 classic of the title which, right now, is still in theaters.

On these lines we leave you the trailer off The Return of Mary Poppins, where the famous nanny (Emily Blunt) Coming back to London to meet some Michael (Ben Whishaw) and Jane Banks (Emily Mortimer) adults who seem to have forgotten the magic and fun.

source: Digital Spy

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