The secret that came out! Meghan Markle is trapped in the marijuana scandal

adminDecember 28, 2018

More emails sent then came friends to the UK press. In these emails, the Duchess spoke of her plans to offer marijuana guests to her wedding with Trevor Engelson, which took place in 2011 in Jamaica.

The source that emails have come into the British press has also told The Sun that Meghan has helped run marijuana cigarettes and filter them before releasing them into gift bags for guests. Meghan would have bought marijuana with employees from the Jamaican hotel where the wedding took place, writes

"It didn't seem like anything ordinary," the source of The Sun said. "Trevor and his friends certainly had more experience with marijuana, I think she was more like that type of champagne and roses, and she almost knew how she smoked", the source was added

Meghan collaborated with Engelson in 2013, and Prince Harry met him three years later.

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