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When I came to make the horror of last winter, A peaceful placeThe writer, director and star John Krasinksi was involved in all aspects of bringing history to life. And yes, I mean every Aspect, because it turns out that John Krasinski had a secret role in A peaceful place – played the alien creatures that hunted down the Abbot family throughout the movie!

the Office student revealed his secret role during an appearance in Jimmy Kimmel live On October 16, he told host Jimmy Kimmel that he had planned to keep his time as the movement capture monsters in secret as long as possible. "Nobody knows because I have kept it quiet," admitted Krasinski.

During the first days of film production, Krasinski was working with the effects team to develop the appearance and movement of the monsters when the actor / director decided to simply demonstrate the terrifying creatures that were in his head. "Amazing people in [Industrial Light and Magic] he asked: "So, how does the creature move? & # 39; and I said: "Well, that's how I think he's going to crawl & # 39; "Krasinski explained about the pre-production process that resulted in his secret cameo." And they said: "Well, why do not you wear the suit? ? & # 39; And I was like, & # 39; Totally! & # 39; "

Jimmy Kimmel live on YouTube

Kimmel even showed the public a photo of Krasinski in full monster mode, which the actor joked that "I would finish my career." And, in an effort to explain the intense shouting he was doing with his motion capture suit, Krasinski also reiterated that the "level of engagement was very high" when it came to doing A peaceful place.

But for fear that his secret cameo was revealed to the world may have been for Krasinski, the actor admitted that the most terrifying part of making the horror movie was actually the possibility of directing his wife, Emily Blunt, on screen. "That's why I never asked him to do it," Krasinski admitted to Kimmel, adding, "It's true, I never asked him to do the paper, I wrote the film thinking about it … but I got really scared."

In the film, Blunt played Evelyn, the pregnant wife of Lee Abbot of Krasinksi, who is trying to raise her children with a sense of normalcy in the midst of her terrifying post-apocalyptic world. But despite the fact that Blunt earned critical acclaim for his performance, Kransinski hesitated to formally offer him the role, fearing that she felt obliged to help him, without really feeling connected to the film.

"First [I was nervous], that she would say "no", because that will be an awkward dinner, "explained Krasinski." But actually I was more afraid of him saying: "Yes, I will do it for you". "

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He explained: "I have been by her side when she has made all these incredible decisions and she is without a doubt the most elegant, intelligent and dedicated actress I have ever met, and when you see how much she puts on each piece of paper, I did not want her to come to settle only for me ".

Luckily for him, Blunt made the decision when he asked her to read the script while the couple was traveling on a flight together. "She really looked sick," Krasinski said of Blunt's reaction to reading the story for the first time. "And I was looking for a purse to throw up thinking I was going to throw up, and instead she said, 'You can not let anyone make this movie'."

If the couple can recreate that magic for the next sequel proposed for the film, Krasinski should have another dominant horror movie in the box office in his hands.


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