The second of the coffee fair, in detail

adminJanuary 8, 2019

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Magnificent entrance, more than three quarters despite the rain from the start in the second round at the fair. El Cid In his first meeting of this year's farewell to the ring he met an impossible bull Dosgutierrez, who did not allow him to shine. Silence.

Good rhythmic set of receipt off El Cid to his second, another ox who enjoys the brothers with iron Dosgutierrez It has taken danger and lack of bravery. Pity that his goodbye to Manizales without the brightness expected because of his two opponents. He heard thunderous ovation from goodbye and loud whistles to the bull.

Impressive tab that suffered the Spanish banners Manuel Angel of the gang Emilio de Justo Bleeding was brought to the hospital. The right-winger, startlingly terrified, went very bravely and surrendered to a complicated bull, which often withdrew and dug. With the sword has made a good impact on the volume, very efficiently. Ovation with greetings. Another impossible bull for Emilio de Justo It was his second, with a loud crash in drag because he didn't allow a single muletazo.

A real "gift" to the kings bad for the Colombian David Martínez, with danger, without class, without a passport. Many efforts to send him before the silence of the line that heard the president's two messages. The last, another dangerous mano, jumped twice in the ground, was returned and replaced another bull with the difficulties characteristic of the terrible encroachment that the Romanesque Colombian sword managed to give some muletazos of profit.

Hierro de Dos Gutiérrez - ColombiaBullring of Manizales. Other of the coffee fair. More than three quarters of entry. bulls DosgutiérrezThe sixth as sobrero. Very poorly run and accompanied by constant rain.logo-Mundo Toro-chips-chronic
El Cid, silence and ovation
Emilio De Justo
, ovation and silence
David Martínez
, silence after two warnings and silence.

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