The screenwriter of & # 39; Pirates & # 39; Terry Rossio arouses controversy with N-Word Tweet

adminNovember 24, 2018

6:40 PM PST 11/23/2018


Lauren Huff

The tweet in question equates the use of racial slurs with calling someone "anti-vax".

Screenwriter Terry Rossio was criticized on Friday after a tweet he posted using the word N to call someone "anti-vax."

"My heart is with all the parents of children harmed by the vaccine, who must not only bear the sadness of their loss, but also the vitriol of ill-informed and insensitive people (like the ones here.) Anti-Vax is equivalent to calling to someone and … it makes little sense, "he said. wrote, in response to The 100 writer Julie Benson, who had tweeted a publication on Thursday to encourage people to donate vaccines "and then send a card to an anti-vax relative who says he has provided life-saving vaccines on his behalf." [Editor’s note: Rossio used the full word in his tweet, but it has been censored here.]

Hundreds of Twitter users responded to the comment, and many called Rossio's comparison. Among them was the writer Jeff Grubb, who wrote a series of tweets mocking Rossio, including: "God, this is a good point, I remember how American founders and citizens enslaved skeptics of vaccines for decades. Even after releasing them, the government enacted laws to marginalize vaccine deniers and deny them wealth and opportunities, that's just history. " He added in a later tweet, "Oh, and finally: eat shit, Terry."

Rossio is known for writing scripts for films like pirates of the Caribbean series, Aladdin, Shrek and more. He is currently scheduled to write Warner Bros. & # 39; Jonny Quest movie. The batman lego Director Chris McKay will direct.

Disney declined to comment. Requests for Warner Bros. comments and Rossio's representation were not returned immediately.

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