The scene where the Negan was censored to say the tacos appears

adminDecember 28, 2018

A user of Reddit has shared, to the surprise of the fans of the series, an unpublished sequence of & # 39; The Walking Dead & # 39;. In the video, which was thrown by a recording less faithful to the comic, one of the most anticipated moments of fiction is seen: when Nega first appears and faces the group led by Rick Grimes. An initial contact between enemies who presented the villain to the AMC to all the spectators.

Censored scene of & # 39; The Walking Dead & # 39;

Censored scene of & # 39; The Walking Dead & # 39;

In the current scene, the main characters of the fiction are imprisoned saviors after a capped offensive. However, many of them think so The existence of Nega can be a simple myth to instill fear, which spreads when those, who all kneel to the enemies' grace, enter the character that Jeffrey Dean Morgan finally gives to give a script cover.

Take a walk into the memory track: An uncensored version of the introduction to Negan. from r / thewalkingdead

The appearance of Nega, however, did not induce too many fans of the series and comics, as they saw it very easily. Now, with Reddit leak and see the scene removed by all censorship, we can see how The sequence would be much more faithful to how it is presented in the original story. But all that was said did not convince much about the chain, which ended up censoring it.

Judith Grimes, immune to the zombie virus?

The rumors of the possibility that a sign of "The Walking Dead" is immune to the virus, again sounds loud. In an interview with Serieously, Tom Payne commented on some of the theories circulating on the Internet about this apocalyptic fiction, including that the character of Judith Grimes was immune to the virus: "It makes sense that Judith Grimes might be immune, it would be great", the actor assured. It seems like "TWD" continues and will continue to give much to talk about.

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