The Royal House is in ALERT! Meghan Markle, involved in a drug-related SCANDAL. What evidence has come to light

adminDecember 28, 2018

Meghan Markle is in the center of a marijuana scandal.

More specifically, Meghan would have served this drug to guests at their first wedding, with film producer Trevor Engelson.

In e-mail messages sent to a boyfriend before marriage with the American manufacturer, Meghan, according to The Sun, wrote that she had prepared her guests with marijuana bags.

Trevor and Meghan were engaged in 2010 and made the wedding in 2011 on a beach in Jamaica. At that time, marijuana consumption was illegal in Jamaica. Currently, marijuana consumption is legitimate for religious and medical purposes, which is the possession of small amounts.

Thus, the ex-actor had personally ordered sackcloths where she put marijuana and which she gave her to the wedding guests.

Besides, according to a source quoted by The Sun, Meghan helped invite people to run dresses and filter them before putting cigarettes in bags. It seems that the drugs would have been bought by an employee of the hotel where the 100 guests were accommodated. The information was confirmed by some of them.

On the other hand, a source The Sun said Meghan did not appear to be a marijuana consumer.

"It didn't seem like something he'd usually done. Trevor and his friends probably had more experience with marijuana. I think she was quite the kind of guy who prefers champagne and roses. He almost knew how to smoke," the source said.

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