The requirements for the magazine as bombs: Bulent Ersoy

adminDecember 27, 2018

Hurriyet author Cengiz Semercioglu claimed in his article that the head of the room, Bülent Ersoy, who was nicknamed Diva, could not get the money.

Here is the section about Cengiz Semercioglu pillar with Bulent Ersoy:


Last week on-site at Ataköy, the money has gone without cash in advance and, as I said at the same time, the stamp demanded on the stage from the stage … The owners of the room will not give money … It is currently one of the major players in the nightlife because they are … Anyone who does business, who has filled the space, must have appeared on stage in their venues. So far, we have not complained about payment from a single name. But it does not matter to Mrs Bülent, the central bank in meeting with the money on stage when he wants to.


That night they couldn't pay … Cash is not for, I do not know because it is not authorized … Bülent Hanım stops or shouts, screaming "you get my money" like … I mean he hit the floor. He shouted, the call "give me eyebrows" … Finally, the last ear he took his money and happily took home home … When I got the money, I'm sure he had a drink and a drink, continued to talk as if nothing happened to the owners of the room … "

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