The relationship between Mihai Bendeac and winning X Factor, Bella Santiago, has come to light!

adminDecember 28, 2018

Mihai Bendeac surprised her fans by publishing a photo in the electronic environment where he holds it in her arms and kisses Bella Santiago's head.

The actor had an emotional message that he attached to the picture.

"Congratulations, not for talent, we have no benefit for this, but for work!" Wrote Mihai Bendeac on a social network.

"Thanks!" Was the reaction of the last winner of the X Factor show, a clear sign that it is a sincere relationship with friendship and respect among them.

The two are good friends, and the actor has always supported his career, offering advice to help her progress, notes

Bella Santiago was known two years ago when she participated in "The Romanians Have a Talent". Unfortunately for her, she did not pass the live district, but she won the big 100,000 euro prize from X Factor 2018.

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