The rebirth of the "Northern Exposure" with Rob Morrow on the works on CBS

adminNovember 20, 2018

Dr. Joel Fleischman of Morrow would return to Alaska in a continuation of the 1990 series, which has been discussed for almost two years.

CBS is developing a reboot of its 90s drama North Exposure, with the star of the series Rob Morrow and the creators Joshua Brand and John Falsey attached.

The project would be a continuation of the program, which initially developed between 1990 and 1995 and won seven Emmys, including one for the best drama series. Dr. Joel Fleischman of Morrow would return to Cicely, Alaska, to attend the funeral of an old friend and meet with some of his former neighbors and meet a new set of extravagant characters.

Brand is writing the script and will be the executive producer of Falsey, Morrow and Ben Silverman. John Corbett, who starred with Morrow in the original, is a producer.

Universal Television, which produced the original series, is also behind the restart.

Talk about a North Exposure Restart has been floating around for a couple of years. Darren E. Burrows, who played Ed Chigliak in the series, has tried to crowdfund new episodes. In a meeting panel at the 2017 ATX Festival, Brand said that Morrow had been working to revive the series.

"It seems we all want it to happen," said cast member Cynthia Geary (Shelly Tambo) at the time.

The potential North Exposure avival joins a series of other restart / revival projects in development across the television landscape, ranging from Designing women to Buffy the vampire hunt to The hills. This adds to the countless reboots that are already being issued, including that of the 90 members of CBS. Murphy Brown, NBC & # 39; s Will & Grace and from Netflix One day at a time, among others.

North ExposureThe cast also included Barry Corbin, Janine Turner, John Cullum, Elaine Miles and the late Peg Phillips. Morrow had a small role in the final season of the show and came out with eight episodes to run. Paul Provenza and Teri Polo joined the show as Cicely's new doctor, Phil Capra, and his wife, Michelle, who worked for the city's newspaper.


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