The reason why Disney has decided to charge Johnny Depp with the new "Pirates of the Caribbean"

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Restart is on its way. Despite the clear downward trend in Pirates of the Caribbean And to the symptoms of exhaustion more than clear, in Disney they are convinced that they can still get a lot of profit from Pirates of the Caribbean. So things have the mouse company decided to start from scratch with a new scene where, as a main news, it should be noted that Johnny Depp will not be with Jack Sparrow.

What so far was the great star of Pirates of the Caribbean He says goodbye and leaves the post of a female star, a maneuver that Disney will save $ 90 million. That was what the interpreter put on for his last look like Jack Sparrow. In this way, the company ensures that the project is much less risky by reducing costs in an impressive way.

Currently, the first attractive decision in the project has been to hire the authors Deadpool before.

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