The reason Rupert Grint does not tolerate the Harry Potter films

adminDecember 28, 2018

Harry Potter It is one of the most famous seventh art stories in history. Not only for their visual effects, but also for the quality of the performances and the plot. Undoubtedly, the production of these bands changed the lives of their main characters.

For example, recently, Daniel Radcliffe (who plays Harry) confessed that he could not go to watch the game that acts as a sequel to the seventh movie. Their reasons have to do with feeling quite frightened. He does not want all his eyes to rest on him and his reactions when he sees it as screens; then he refrains from going.

Something similar seems to happen to Rupert Grint, the one responsible for interpreting Ron Weasley. The Colorado, which is 30 years old today, resumed its acting career recently. He did so with an important role in the series Sick Note and The ABC Murders. In an interview with RadioTimes, the British confirmed the following when he remembered his participation Harry Potter:

"It was a weird moment and it has cost me a lot to process it. The simple fact that it is invisible can still be difficult. Sometimes you just go to a barbecue."

This leaves evidence of his discomfort with popularity since he is an essential person. Then he completed the above by pointing to:

"I struggle to remember life before that. I think I lost a little on that road. With fame, you're almost the character even when you're not in the role."

The mixed feelings do not allow you to enjoy most of the deliveries of the said saga, especially the last ones:

"I saw Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone recently, for the first time since the premiere, and I really enjoyed looking back."

That way, it becomes easier because more time has passed since the film of these works. On the other hand, with recent films, it is almost impossible:

"The last ones I definitely can't see. Maybe I could look up to Harry Potter and the Azkaban prisoner."

Everyone would expect the aforementioned artist to have a more positive attitude to that material, but each one lives the extent of his legacy in a different way.

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