The reason for the rebellion assumed the reunification of the RBD

adminDecember 30, 2018

The reason for the rebellion assumed reunification of the RBD: Photo: IMDb (Archive)

Photo: IMDb (Archive)

A great rebellion generated by Alfonso Herrera on social networks by jubilant about the Day of the Innocents, refers to an assumed musical reunion of the RBD group.

So far, there are more than 7,800 "likes" and more than 1,700 "retweets".

The followers of Poncho Herrera, whom they also call him, they assumed that the word "reunification" referred to the missing sixteen I will be back in 2019 in musical stages.

The text influenced mainly on fans of Los Angeles, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Chile and Spain, but not to those in Mexico, where on December 28 discover news to joke with their relatives.

"Don't play with our feelings, Poncho"; "It happened! I had already moved and I remember it's April Fool's Day, and it passes me" and "Wait, I remembered today is, well, at least I had some luck", is some of the comments that made followers.

For several months, it has been speculated that RBD could temporarily return to music. But Alfonso Herrera has said so for him it is a closed chapter and avoids the issues of the subject.

RBD offered its last concert December 21, 2008 in Madrid, Spain, after four years of intense tours in the US and Latin America.

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