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Warning: this story contains points from the plot of "Sometimes", the episode on Tuesday We are.

Episode of Tuesday of We are It took viewers on multiple trips across several continents in multiple eras. On a transpacific trip to present-day Vietnam, Kevin (Justin Hartley) was looking for answers about his father's time there, and that photo of Jack (Milo Ventimigila) with a Vietnamese woman wearing the necklace she finally gave him. . Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) embarked on a trip across the country to L.A. in the early 70's, just a week after a nascent relationship. There was also the motorcycle trip that the staff sergeant. Pearson returned to his fishing post in Vietnam after an apparently unsuccessful mission for his brother, Nicky (Michael Angarano), to be transferred to his unit.

On the way (s), there were confessions (Zoe revealed to Kevin that she had been sexually abused), rejections (the record label executive told Rebecca that she was just "good Pittsburgh"), severe family tensions (Nicky had some problems with The arrival of Jack), moments of forgiveness (Jack met with the parents of a soldier killed in his competition), and even some events that turned his stomach (thanks to a bad bat). Let's take a turkey sandwich, shoot a paper towel commercial and (softly) take a bottle of champagne as we go deeper into "Sometimes" events We are The executive producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT: That meeting between Jack and Nicky was quite complicated, as indicated in some episodes. Nicky feels responsible for Jack being in danger, saying: "If you die here, that's not mine", but also moves away from him when Jack tries to comfort him and take charge. How do we summarize your head space? Are you relieved that your brother is here but also angry that Superman had to risk his own life to save the day again?
Yes, he is experiencing many contradictory emotions. On the one hand, he is relieved to see his protective older brother, whom he trusts and with whom he feels safe. He is also really angry that Jack has made the decision to come here voluntarily, because Nicky has certainly seen some pretty messy things and learned how horrible the war can be. Michael did a great job playing those conflicting emotions: relief at seeing his brother, and also anger and frustration at the sacrifice that Jack has made.
ELIZABETH BERGER: Obviously, this is an extreme situation, but I think we can all imagine that in any situation, being Jack's younger brother is a complex situation. On the one hand, you have this great protector incorporated for life, but on the other hand Anyway, you are always somewhat the shadow of this person who is committed to his mission in life to protect you, and that can lead to many emotions contradictory and complicated.

"What are you doing, Nick?" Jack asks Nicky, suspecting that his brother is drugged. We know that the family is susceptible to addiction. Nicky has developed a serious addiction? Is that the least of your problems?
Yes, I think it will be difficult for you to try to classify your problems in any kind of order, because there are many.

The[[Laughter]. He certainly is not sober when Jack finds him. He has become dependent on a variety of things to overcome the trauma and horrors of Vietnam. That's something we talked about a lot with Tim O & # 39; Brien, our consultant, and it was a story that felt very common with the soldiers there. That's something we're going to get into more of these next episodes as we watch the story of Jack and Nicky unfold.

When Nicky says to Jack: "You should have let me rot," you wonder if it is possible that he is too far away to help or rehabilitate. How does it help someone in the war who clearly is not willing to be there?
That is the exact story we are telling here. He knew from the letter that Nicky was in poor condition; I do not think he knew how far his brother would be when he saw him, burning garbage in those garbage cans. And now he says: "Oh, man, in this very limited time, how can I get to this guy I know from all my life and give him back the good soul that I know is buried there?"

The eldest gives Jack two weeks to turn Nicky around. Will these two weeks determine the course of Nicky's life?
Those are two very seminal weeks for Nicky. And we know how determined and heroic Jack is, and he is absolutely determined to try to bring his brother back, but it's a ticking clock. And they are in the middle of nowhere trying to fight a war. So it's not like I have two weeks with your brother in rehab or somewhere conducive to communicating with someone. He has to do it while he's in this town in the middle of nowhere.
BERGER: [Things] We will definitely be very loaded. A large part of our Vietnam history takes place within these two weeks, so they are replete with action.

The mysterious woman of Jack seems to be interested in him, or at least he is curious, but he escapes. What can you suggest about your next interaction, and is it coming in next week's episode?
Yes, next week we will continue with a much more complicated interaction for them. Next week will be our Thanksgiving episode, so we'll see what Thanksgiving is like for our soldiers there and we'll learn a lot more about the woman with the necklace.

How amazing are the revelations to come? I do not know if you've been scouring the Internet, but people have many theories, like a child lover Pearson somewhere.
I mean, there are many theories about half of Pearson in Vietnam, which of course we will not confirm or deny. But as is often the case in our program, your relationship will be a bit unexpected, and we hope it will move.

We know that Jack is overwhelmed by the guilt and responsibility of his time in Vietnam. What did it mean for Jack to receive absolution from Roger's parents (Moses Storm)? That has to be a huge weight off his shoulders, so, most of the time after that is mainly related to what happened with Nicky?
Obviously, what happened to Nicky has chased Jack for the rest of his life. But at the same time, it is huge to get that forgiveness from Roger's parents. We all talk a lot about how Jack grew up in a house where there never was a word of comfort from his parents. I mean, many times he probably fantasized about his father crossing the room and hugging him, telling him he was fine and telling him that something was not his fault. So to receive that from any The father is a tremendous deal for him and obviously helps a lot to alleviate some of that guilt.

When the father gets up to comfort Jack, Jack is ready to leave the room. And us too.
That scene would not have happened the same way in Jack's house.

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