The producers of Arrowverse explain the absence of Batman in other countries

adminNovember 20, 2018

The producers of Arrowverse explain the absence of Batman in other countries

The producers of Arrowverse explain the absence of Batman in other countries

Although The CW & # 39; s Arrow the name has fallen Ordinance On several occasions, Bruce Wayne has yet to appear in the shared universe. This years Elseworlds The crossing seemed to have been the ideal time to bring Batman to the fold. After all, the story begins with a mysterious incident in Arkham Asylum, which is known to harbor Batman's deadliest enemies. But, unfortunately, it is confirmed that the Dark Knight is sitting outside. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, consulting producer Caroline Dries explained why.

According to Dries, Arrow The Batman version has been MIA for years, which has increased Gotham City's crime rate. "Our focus is: What does Gotham look like after the Batman is gone for three years?" Dries said. EW. "So, if you have the law and the order, the protector and the hope gone, what happens as a result? Some people are thriving in their absence because now they can start doing their thing without supervision. Many other people are suffering and losing hope, and the city and infrastructure itself are falling apart. So it's not a happy place. Our boys enter a gothic grim and scary. "

The producer of Dries, Marc Guggenheim, explained that the effects of the disappearance of Batman will be felt immediately. He described Gotham's lawless landscape as "a dead city" and "practically a ghost town." Meanwhile, the crossover heroes will have their own little debate about whether the layer cross is even real. "Oliver is like," it's not real! They've invented it! It's just a hoax to scare citizens. " Flash The actor Grant Gustin. "Barry is stunned by that and all he wants to do in Gotham is meet Batman, it's a pretty funny scene."

Instead of Batman, Ruby Rose's Batwoman will do it Arrow He will debut during the crossing to help Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. If everything goes according to plan, the character will have his own series in 2019. The potential Batwoman show will be written and produced by Dries.

Elseworlds begins on Sunday December 9 with an episode of The flash. What do you think about the shoot of Arrowvers on Batman? Give us your impressions in the comments section below!

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