The problem with a poo

adminOctober 11, 2018

South Park

The problem with a poo

Season 22

Episode 3

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Photo: Comedy Central

A person can never really watch the video of Roseanne Barr, with the cigarette pressed in her right hand, shouting that she "thought the bitch was white." The actress's explanation for her openly racist tweets about the former Obama administration adviser, Valerie Jarrett, only made matters worse. demonstrating without a doubt that the woman America once thought her blue-necked neighbor was actually a ball of hardened hate. No matter the choice of words, his basic style: the trembling of the whole body when he curses between his first and second bellow that "he thought the bitch was white", the wrinkle and then the plate full of dishes widening his eyes, The violent gesticulation of his cigarette-free hand is that of a terrifying person. A child would not feel comfortable being close to Roseanne, forget about the exponentially more sensitive viewers of comedies.

Of course she was fired. It had become what the entertainment world types call "a responsibility" and everyone else calls "a crazy delirious," and they keep it in the revived Roseanne It would have been more problematic than it was worth, so ABC executives released her to throw up all the insults she likes in her own time. In most cases, the sequence of events would not be so surprising. A person does something that reflects badly on himself and his employer, is punished for it, and while that means dismissal and not imprisonment, everything is fine under the Constitution. But because we now live in a permanent state of the Opposite Day, where the bad is good and legal is a violation of our rights granted by God, the removal of Roseanne had to be an offensive in the arch to freedom of expression and freedom of expression.

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