The pregnant actress does not like it. She published the video when she returned to the car

adminNovember 30, 2018

The actor also suffers from excessive nausea in the second trimester.

If you have a weak stomach, turn off the sound. With such a warning, American actress began and comedian Amy Schumer began his status as a contribution to Instagram. The video shows the fan how the road in the car looks like on her show. She ends up with a picture of how Amy stands in front of the bright and clapping audience.

"I love stand-up more than anything and I do not like to interrupt the show. Sometimes I have to move it so I feel like a man again. But I did the last and we enjoyed it so I was particularly proud, and I could not wait, "I thank a big audience for their goodness and laughter and to be cool with my tracksuits and slippers," the actress wrote.

The film was shot by Marcus Russell Price, which Amy works on the document. For several months she has caught her life and health problems during pregnancy. Amy is not that easy. He suffers from hyperemesis pregnancy. This is severe dizziness nausea associated with excessive vomiting and dehydration. It happens in the first quarter, but in some women and in Amy.

"But I'm grateful and I'm looking forward to being a mother, I'm grateful for the health care that everyone will get and I'll write … Hyde-Smith and everyone who chose her. This video," added to an actress who had never stood before her mouth.

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