The Portuguese choose to spend New Year's Eve so … Is that your case?

adminDecember 28, 2018

DAfter Christmas, many Portuguese begin to make plans for the New Year. According to the observer Cetelem survey, most Portuguese prefer to celebrate at home (76%), or family and friends. It should be noted that 49% of Portuguese do not know how much they will spend on New Year's Eve and that 29% will not spend more than € 100 on this occasion .

According to the observer Cetelem study, most Portuguese (76%) choose to spend the end of the year at home, either at home (54%) or in relatives or friends (22%). This preference is especially known in the age groups of 35 and in the region of Lisbon and the south of the country.

Fun places like night clubs and street parties are the choice of 4% of Portuguese and especially of the youngest (18-24 years), who live in the South.

The turn of the year in a hotel (3%) is preferred in the age group between 45 and 54 years. At the end of the list of Portuguese are restaurants (2%), preference of residents in the northern area between 25 and 34 years. The remaining 10% admit that they do not have plans for the night of 31 December.

How much to spend?

Average expenses can reach € 181, although almost half of Portuguese (49%) have no idea how much to spend during this period. Approximately 12% will spend up to € 50; 17% between € 51 and € 100; 9% between € 101 and € 150; and 12% of respondents more than 151 euros.

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