The pictures of Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee when they formed Los Cangris

adminDecember 28, 2018

Even for the time being Nicky Jam and Dad yankee they have managed to triumph in the urban genre with solo career, there was a moment when both formed the duo The Cangris.

It was in the 2000s then Nicky Rivera and Ramón Ayala they unified their talent and voices, part of their story that had been forgotten, until the biographical series of the American Puerto Rican and Dominican origin was published, where the stage of their lives is told.

Although it has been the production The winner The person in charge of remembering this part of the path of the two reguetoneros, the Instagram profile of the interpreter of malice hides among their current photographs many of the time where both sang songs like In bed, Guayando or Where are the cats.

The pictures go back more than fifteen years ago, but the truth is that both continue to have the same smiles, similar positions and the same or more desire than then to succeed in their genre.

The strong bond created by the two artists at the beginning of the century It broke down after Nicky's personal problems and addiction led him to make serious mistakes that led him into prison.

The American managed to push Cangri with his stubbornness, and between them it began to be a rivalry that became very latent then Nicky he went free.

Far from resuming their relationship and making peace again, both dedicated some texts in their solo album of 2004, in Barrio Fino of Big Boss and Life Escante of Phoenix Bird.

The reconciliation between Nicky and Daddy arrived more than a decade later when Nicky Jam He apologized to his friend since childhood in a conversation that lasted five hours, as he himself acknowledged.

"We sit down and talk for five hours, and there is no better forgiveness than when you know it's from the heart, and that's what happened," said the 37-year-old city singer's excuse to The King of Regueton in an interview with the radio Via Mega.

So much dad as Nicky They have left the past behind and today they are still good friends and colleagues, and have returned to merge their voices into topics like Beautiful and Sensualwhere he also collaborates Romeo Santos, Your husband or remix of Until the day.

Do you think the two friends have physically changed a lot?

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