The photo of Gotham reveals the first complete look at Shane West as Bane

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Gotham He has revealed how Shane West will look like the villain Bane, and it is a different appearance than many might expect. Next season, which will be the final season, of Gotham has not yet received a release date announced. Gotham he will finally close his Batman origin story with season 5. With the end, the arrival of a new villain will arrive.

Originally it was rumored that Shane West, famous for his roles in A walk to Remember Y Nikita, Bane's father would be playing. However, in New York Comic-Con Gotham confirmed that West will play with Bane since the TV series adapts the No man's land Arch of the history of comics. No man's land, where Gotham is condemned by the government and invaded by criminals, has seen several adaptations over the years. One of the most recent examples was The dark knight gets up, which introduced Bane into the vision of the Batman universe of director Christopher Nolan. Based on the first photo of Bane, Gotham It's not just using The rise of the Dark Knight As a semi-plot inspiration, but also visual.

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The first look at Bane in Gotham comes from one of the writers of the FOX series, Tze Chun. On his Twitter account, Chun revealed an image of West as the villain who has become famous for breaking Batman's back. Then, EW released a better and complete look at Bane[Watchthe[seethe[verel[seetheEW picture below]. West's version of the character had previously been glimpsed in a Gotham Photo of the cast published by Cory series actor Michael Smith. However, this view is completely clear. Make Gotham& # 39; Bane looks like a mix between The rise of the Dark Knight version and Star Wars& # 39; Darth Vader.

GothamBane seems to be a pretty big figure, but that's all he seems to share with his comic counterpart, at least in a visual sense. While the comic Bane is a man in maximum physical condition, it seems that West's interpretation will be much more unhealthy. West's Bane has a large breathing machine attached to the lower half of his face. The device is also connected to the machinery in the character's chest that looks like it could be a replacement for his entire upper body. It is possible that, as the actor, GothamBane has something on his chest. However, it seems that the television version of the character will need a device of the upper body to survive.

This is very similar to Tom Hardy's version of the character in The dark knight gets up. Hardy & # 39; s Bane was tortured and beaten by his fellow inmates because he successfully helped a young Talia al Ghul escape from the prison in which she was born. This attack left Bane with life-long injuries and pain that was regulated by painkillers and a mask he wore on his face. This was a completely new interpretation for the character. In the comics, Bane suffers an addiction to the chemical substance known as poison that is injected directly into the bloodstream to increase its strength. However, here there are no other external physical limitations of Bane on the source material. However, West's pale complexion and large facial mask do not exactly give the impression of being a man with maximum health.

It is possible, however, that like many others Gotham rogues, Bane's first look will not be the last. Gotham He has a tendency to put his characters in a prototype costume at the beginning. It is an aspect that only vaguely resembles its comic counterpart before reaching the final form. This could be the case here. However, it is equally possible that Gotham He will go in his own direction with the character. After all, the typical appearance of Bane's fighter would not make much sense to West, since, unlike Bane, the actor is not from South America.

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Gotham Season 5 is expected to debut in 2019.

Source: Tze ChunEW

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